Out of passion and a vision for the perfect cargo pants, Uiara Clothing opened its online store in 2023. It offers unique streetwear designs infused with Brazillian spirit and high-quality craftmanship based on Dutch perfectionism. “Streetwear For The Passionate” was born. 

Our motto: EXPRESS yourself with confidence.

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Meet our designer

Emanuel Abreu Da Silva (2001) is the Brazilian-Dutch founder and fashion designer of Uiara Clothing. He is a student of The Dutch Shoe Academy in Utrecht, The Netherlands. That’s where his passion for fashion design was ignited.

From customized Jordans to unique cargo pants and eye-catching prints on jackets, his designs are always on point. He is well on his way to be the streetwear game changer, disrupting the market with visionary designs.

With huge potential, big ambitions and above all a burning desire to follow his passion, his aim is to inspire people all over the world to express themselves with confidence.

When my daughter was born, we named her Yara. I named my brand after her: Uiara Clothing. yara/UIara stands for the water goddess of the amazone.
Emanuel Abreu Da Silva
Founder, Owner & Streetwear Designer